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Forgive me if I'm missing something obvious, but I haven't found it in the manual or forums -- I'm looking for the OSC port(s) and address patterns for controlling Aalto. Thanks!

it uses the soundplane OSC addressing (t3d)
a brief description is here:

in practice its better (more up to date :)) to read the soundplane source code, which is located at:

its pretty straightforward stuff, you will find the osc mapping in SoundplaneOSCOutput.cpp

a couple of points:

  • uses UDP port 3123 for both Kiavo and Aalto, so you cannot use both synths at the same time, or multiple instances of the same synth :( (of course you can revert to midi for this)

  • i think only /t3d/tch and t3d/frm are used e.g. i don't think any of the zone messages are supported yet.

hope this gets you started, Im sure Randy will be along to let you know if Ive got something wrong.

BTW: what are you planning to use it for? and in what?

(Ive done this for the eigenharp, and Im thinking of doing a MaxMsp implementation too for another project... though Im half waiting to see if Randy will be updating to add zone support)

Thanks! I'll check out the spec and the code.

I only have Aalto, not Kaivo, so don't mind that I can't use them both at once. ;)

I'm working on some ChucK code for the Illucia dtr, and am interested in hooking it up to Aalto. I'd seen a video using the Illucia, Aalto, and TouchOSC, but couldn't see how it was being done. (I just found, where Chris is using Illucia to select presets in Aalto.)

Hey, I'm glad you want to dive into OSC and Aalto. As more people start to do so, I really need to organize the docs better. Now that the t3d stuff is more solid, I will update the manual with that information.

The current build of the Soundplane software, 1.1.2, has support for mapping the surface to different kinds of zones. to do this you have to edit a JSON preset file. So while there's no UI for it in the app yet, it's not too tough. Again apparently documentation is the weak link. There should be two example files that come with the 1.1.2 distribution and from these you can see how to do it.

Thanks for the inspiration o work on the docs and let me know if I can be of any other help.

I would like to control Aalto parameters via OSC and Lemur/iPad. I think this is not possible now. But will it become possible?

I'm hoping to sneak OSC control of parameters into the next update. But if not now, soon.