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Soundplane application v.1.1 is now available at the usual spot in the hardware forums.

This is an interim release with a few important fixes to issues that cropped up in 1.0. It works with Aalto 1.0 and Kaivo 1.5.

Please note that I moved the zone configuration files to the new location ~/Music/Madrona Labs. You will have to move these files from their existing locations in ~/Library. Why did I do this? With Apple making your Library folders hidden by default, ~/Music is becoming the default location for various software makers to put things like patches and saved presets. Now I don't have to explain to people how to get to their Library folders. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Remember, this is open source software! All the code is viewable at github/madronalabs. I welcome your suggestions and contributions. Thanks to Greg Wuller for the note-off fix.


  • PLEASE NOTE: moved support files to ~/Music/Madrona Labs.
  • fixed a problem where the wrong note value was sent on note-off
  • fixed a potential crash sending MIDI if a MIDI device was not set
  • made benign errors less alarming

Are these Zone options available for Soundplane 1.1.2? I have 1.1.2 installed and there are just three zones available that I see: chromatic, rows in fourths, and rows in octaves. It is my impression that these zones just refer to note arrangements. Would using other zoning options require programming, and if so, what kind? Are there other kinds of zones available that could be dropped in like a preset?

Also, I do not find any support files in Music/Madrona Labs. There is only one in my User Library/Application Support/Madrona Labs/Soundplane, which a SoundplaneAppState.txt file. Am I supposed to move it, based on your post here?

I was looking for the documentation for you and I realized that I made a mistake with the latest software release. Normally it comes with a lot more support files and documentation! I forgot to include these extra files with the 1.1 update. So anyone who got a Soundplane since the update would understandably be confused.

Sorry for the oversight. I'm going to get those files up later today.

OK, I uploaded the current Soundplane app with docs and extras. It's at the same link for the previous 1.1 version: Soundplane 1.1 package