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It is impossible to use computer MIDI keyboard with Aalto/Kaivo, when VST GUI is visible and active (it seems, the GUI just 'eats' the key strokes). Computer MIDI keyboard works only when Aalto/Kaivo VST GUI is hidden or not active. This does not happen with other VST synths.

Can this be fixed?
Thank you!

I'm using Ableton Live 9.1.1 (x64, Mac OS X 9.1.2), Aalto 1.5 VST, Kaivo 1.0 VST Demo.

it was fixed a while back but it looks like the aalto 1.5 update broke it again.

Randy, please, release a quickfix Aalto/Kaivo builds for this issue, because it is very annoying: the current builds are 'eating' not only the computer MIDI keyboard input, but all the computer keyboard input. So, when Aalto/Kaivo VST GUI is visible and active you can not use none of your DAW keyboard shortcuts. You can't even start/stop the DAW transport using the Space key... :(

I hear you. I am working on updates for both Aalto and Kaivo to ship ASAP. This is an important issue.

I just tried to reproduce this with Live 9.0.6 and Aalto 1.5 as well as Kaivo. I can't make the problem happen. With either Aalto or Live's window selected the space bar and other keys work as they should in Live.

I am now downloading Live 9.1.1 to try it out. Jeez, the update is 686 Mb. WTF.

[EDIT] OK now I can reproduce it. The VST has the problem but the AU does not. So, while I try to fix this, you can always use the AU.

Glad you have reproduced this! I have a strong feeling that this bug was fixed in the past (garf mentioned this several posts above), so, I hope, it can be fixed again.

This is fixed for the next update.

It's only a problem with the 64-bit VST.

Any news about the fixed Aalto build?

I keep finding things to add to the 1.6 version, and meanwhile making Soundplanes. Sorry about the wait. I'm on a push to get this out within the next couple of weeks.

ooh 1.6, do you know the contents yet?
Im pretty desperate to have voice count increased (8), and support for multi instance when using OSC (or at least run Kaivo and Aalto at the same time).
guess though your pretty busy with the soundplanes, must be getting pretty close to shipping time.

I do have note-per-channel over MIDI working. Lots of other changes. Making a nice list from my logs takes me a while, so I'll do that when the release is out. :-)

I see what you mean about Kaivo + Aalto over OSC. If it takes an hour or two I'll see if I can sneak it into the release.

Yes, assembling Soundplanes next week, never a dull moment :-)