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But how the heck do I get the recorded sounds out of my iPad?
I should phrase that better - my Macbook is still running 10.8.3, stable enough for my various music apps. My iPad OTOH is already on IOS 7.1 and wants the latest iTunes...which is only available via the Mavericks update (which I definitely don't want to do right now), so the internal transfer via iTunes is out of question.
What other possibilities....?
Guys help me out on this and I'll post a bunch of stuff for you to download and use in Kaivo...



Do you have an audio interface for your Macbook, or are you using the line in/out jacks? Even with the stock analog-to-digital converter, I think you could likely record some really nice Kaivo palettes (perhaps with a bit of editing after the fact). If you want to keep it digital, I think there are some nice audio recording solutions in IOS 7, but I haven't updated my iPad to 7 yet.

animoog and other apps support audiocopy so you just copy it and then paste in audioshare (if you have it, great app) then from audioshare you can e-mail it to yourself. Some apps allow you to send them to dropbox also. It depends how the dev did but audiocopy is pretty much everywhere on ios.

The other one is maybe with ifunbox, you can pretty much go through the ipad and then go to the app's directory and copy the rendered audiofile to your mac manually.

@paradiddle - thx for pointing that out!

@seiche - I suppose that I'm getting old and therefore don't want to have the hassle of my wife complaining about "them wires" all over the place. But yes, you're fundamentally right about the physical connection - moreover the sound samples that go into the granulator have no reason to be in audiophile, 196k ultra-hi fidelity...