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Soundplane application v.1.0a2 is now available at the usual spot in the hardware forums.

I have fixed some bugs and added a few requested features to this preview release. There are now two new kinds of zones: a toggle switch, and a z (pressure only) zone. The Z zone offers some really exciting new possibilities and is a great match for the Soundplane's precise pressure control. I'm excited to make some music examples with this soon.


two new kinds of zones: z (pressure only) and a toggle switch.
fixed an error where inactive touches were continuously sending their data
shortened some JSON zone names (just remove "controller_" to fix your presets)
updated Max/MSP examples

moved matrix message into t3d OSC bundle with touches
restored some debug printing in the in-app console
added error info for JSON parsing
fixed possible bug with zone parsing
clarified the T3D format in docs
fixed an error reading calibration files
fix view issues for Retina display

NOTE: Because I changed the t3d format, if you are using the Soundplane with Aalto you need to stick with a pre 1.0 Soundplane version until the next Aalto update.

missed this. looks great, can't wait to give it a go. thanks.

will the compatible aalto be before or after kaivo release? thanks!


I'm hoping to sneak the Aalto release out while Kaivo is in beta. But I hesitate to promise that, not having done it. Kaivo comes out in the first half of Feb, so either way it won't be much more than four weeks.

thanks randy, very excited about it.