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I just completed a 10 song Aalto Sketchbook.
This is a collection of live one take recordings featuring aalto as the only sound source.
Some of the compositions on this project are influenced by experimental synth composers like Morton Subotnick and Charles Cohen.
All the patches from the album are available to download and experiment with in your copy of Aalto.
just click the lyrics link to see the XML patch text for each song.

I hope you enjoy.

great idea. great collection. sweet sounds.
i'd like to see this turn into a volume!
i've got some aalto things running as well. will definitely be mutating your patches...
heres one with aalto being sequenced by iannix..

thanks for sharing

Little gems! Very well done and subtle sounds. Thanks for giving such props to Aalto and sharing your patches in a very classy way.

Wow man! That's a great collection and a sweeeet way to present those patches! I might try my hand at mangling some of 'em too.

No matter what instrument gets into your hands, it will always sound unique to you.

High compliments and respect!

You're welcome Randy!

Thanks for checkin' technomonkey! I'm going to write you on soundcloud so we can catch up.

Very cool sounds, but I can't get them to paste into Aalto from the clipboard on my MBP. Any suggestions? Might you consider posting them on here or PatchDump?


Hi Ed,

If this is not working, it’s possible the patches were made in a newer version of Aalto than the one you are pasting them to. In this case I think the paste fails without warning, and I should make Aalto more informative somehow.

Interesting. That raises a question of whether Aalto has any kind of "check for update" function. I'm on vacation on my iPad, so I don't have it in front of me at the moment. If it doesn't have that, how does one know that there has been an update?


Just to say: these Sketchbook patches paste just fine into any Aalto version here, between 1.3.0 and 1.4.1 - both the AU and VST; "here" meaning a MBP on 10.6.8. They even paste into 1.2.6 but in that case there is of course jumbled/missing information. I am assuming Shiro did these with 1.4.x.'s.worth.

Hi Ed, Aalto does not check updates automatically. You can compare the version number in the upper right against the latest version, which will always be listed on the product page. If you sign up to the newsletter, or my Twitter feed, you will get info about new releases.

I made these patches in Aalto 1.4x I'm sorry they are not working for you. I'll share them on patchdump when time permits.