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aalto being controlled by the shnth
aalto playing with illucia
aalto being controlled by touchosc

I don't really know much about foruming is there a way on here to embed video?

An amazing world of machines and sounds you have! This gives me food for thought, always appreciated.

There is no way to embed videos right now, but you can make links using Markdown. I edited your message to add links. Click [?] in /Forums to see the Forums help, or google
"Markdown Syntax."

I love your wonderful multifaceted sequencer
but I love it more when I can randomize all of it with the swipe of a finger

the steps are turned on and off according to the slider based on percentages

if you have the slider hovering around in the middle you are 50% likely to turn on each step (the response can be limited so that it does not randomize upon every change from the slider)

there is also a toggle which will randomly change which side is 100% (just for the step on/off)

the step values are created by (after reaching the response limit) randomly choosing a step and assigning the current slider value to the randomly selected step

there is also a mode which doesn't work great as far as visual representation in touch osc (because so many signals are sent so quickly it can't quite keep up) in which the step values are chosen the same way but there is a three setting (slow, regular,fast) slew limiter between the values which makes some very interesting sounds

sorry to explain something that wasn't really asked about but I am pretty proud of that little slider :)

thank you for making this possible

Hi wednesdayayay, very interesting videos, specially the last one playing Aalto with a diy and Max.

Have you control over the modweel and pitch?

I want to use the modweel but my keyboard doesn't have it :-(