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Hi all.

I am giving the final details to my own soundset for Aalto.
It was really fun make patches with Aalto and I decided to compile my best 80 patches in a free soundset for share.

I go to put some example patches in my soundcloud and in the Aalto soundcloud grop.

The release date is the next monday 24 if everything it's ok.

I will keep you informed here, and remember it's FREE!


Looking forward to it!

And here is the soundset!

I have called it MUSICBOX, I like this name because I think that reflects good the kind of sounds that you will hear.

Particularly is was a great fun because sometimes I was having in mind one concrete sound, but patching one cable to the wrong place have unexpected and surprising effects!

Please if you think that I need to improve something let me know!


Nice work, I can imagine a lot of these as movie or game backgrounds. I posted on Twitter with a link to your site.

Thanks Randy ;-)

I updated the soundset for fixing a little problem with small screens because I saved all the patches with Aalto bigger.

Now all the patches are in the standart Aalto size.

The window size is not saved with the patch. Is Aalto changing window size when you switch patches?

Aalto only changes the size IF I load a patch, close and open it again.

In a .mlpreset I can see the size of the screen is controlled by the last line 'editor_width="912" editor_height="624"'

Hi all.

There is now a Donatives Plus of 20 more patches for those who make donations.