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I bought Aalto after playing with the CM version for 3 or 4 minutes, and I'm very pleased with your synthesizer.

I find it an inspirational journey into sound which spontaneously enchants me, encourages my playful curiosity and rewards me with a seemingly endless reserve of untapped and unknown sonic gifts.

I feel like a little boy discovering a secret magic thing. Not having the privilege of owning a modular like a Buchla and only using software modulars like KarmaFX or Arturias Moog or Arp (the former fantastic the later a bit too confusing for me to grok), I presume that Aalto gets me very close to that spirit more than others I've used before. Your product has a very good balance of ease of use, power, and beautiful sound.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the very well written manual and especially enjoyed the hand drawn illustrations. The love you have poured into your work is evident and I have deep respect for you and your vision.

Please keep creating unique and stimulating products, and I will keep buying them.

Thanks for Aalto.

Welcome aboard, and thanks for your support and feedback! I really appreciate it.

I tryed synths like Tassman4, ARP 2600, Moog Modular of Arturia.
But any of this is so poweful and easy like Aalto.

It is the perfect alternative to those who can't buy a Buchla synth.

Since I buy Aalto some months ago I have done a LOT of sounds.