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It isn't clear to me yet how you have implemented note quantization. When does it take effect?

If you slide into a key does quantization take effect?

If you touch a key off-center when does quantization take effect? (This appears to be a setting.)

If quantization has started can you bend a note? If so, when does it detect that you are trying to bend?

If quantization has started can you slide to another note? Does quantization take effect when you reach the note destination?

What happens if you try to slide horizontally across several notes?

What happens if you try to slide vertically up a fourth to another line?

After quantization can you start vibrato? If so, when does it detect when you have started?

Clearly I would prefer to have quantization take effect when it 'appears' as if I tapped on or 'near' a key and don't move my finger 'very much' -- but then be removed as soon as I try to bend, slide, or vibrate.

Sorry, I didn't see this post before now, please feel to email me if you don't hear back!

The quantized key is generated from the current position always and immediately if quantizing is on. Unless "note lock" is on, then the first key is held for the duration of the touch. After that the quantized values are sent through the portamento filter, if the change is plus or minus one key (horizontal). If the change is > 1 key, portamento is not applied. After that a vibrato value is created from the speed of motion of the touch within the key. Vibrato is added to the current fractional key value from the portamento filter. The result is sent out OSC and via MIDI pitch bend when possible.