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I was playing around with Fxpansion DCAM Synthsquads Fusor, and was loading 3 instances of strobe in it. Then it ocurred to me, that if Aalto had something like this, it would be perfect!

I was thinking the chainer program could have built in expansion LFO's or modules that you could load as you needed. All of the LFOs or modules that you applied could then be synced to the patch that you are working on. Then for the sounds you could load instances of Aalto inside the wrapper and it would use them all together as one synthesizer.

It would probably be a huge undertaking no doubt but i would happily pay again for something like this. It could easily pave the way to a bigger version of Aalto in the future.

Anyone else think about something like this?

Would it be something you would want?

I definitely have some plans, but it's a bit soon to talk about them. I would love to see more ideas from different people, of how this ought to work!

Right now I'm pretty good with m4l in ableton 9 to manipulate Aalto. I realize not everybody has Ableton but for my part I'm good. I certainly would like to see some kind of audio input straight to the waveguide delay though. The lfo could use additional waveforms (I know you can use the seq but...)

I would absolutely love to see something like this happen. Even if it's a completely new version that would be great! Aalto would really benefit from another sequencer :-P