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First of all thanks for an amazing sounding synth.

I bought it yesterday but haven´t recived my license yet. How long time do you estimate that it will take until I get the full licence?

I´m impatient :) ...can´t wait haha

All the best

Hi Gus,

For now, making your watermarked copy is a manual process. I'm doing them within an hour or so this morning. Thanks for your support.

hey what up !!!!

cool stuff guys im very impressed i play with the guys from the band FILTER and have a revolving project called SEIVE with the original members of FILTER
WE ARE VERY IMPRESSED with the sound quality of this plug
we have just about everything here at the studio and i will tell you this is as damn near as close as it gets !!!!! i just bought the full version and i am excited to use this on the many
projects i have waiting in line.looking forward to getting it and thanx for taking such pride in creating something so musical

rock on
charles and frank

Just a dumb little note about the demo (unlicensed) version...the surf-like sound that occurs every 60-seconds is really quite pleasant. Far more of a consistent (yet gentle) suggestion than a tiresome nagging, which is what I feared.

Don't won't stop me from ponying up! I just might wait until the PC version is out/debugged, tho...I'm running it on my work machine now. :-)

thanks seive!

@clarke68 thanks for the comments. I'm glad I did it that way-- I've already heard a nice composition incorporating the demo sound from someone who can't afford the full version right now. :-)