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I am going to build one of these monsters and I want to know if anyone has installed usb... I know the for-sale model does include it, but I cannot afford it (when it comes (back) out)).

It'd be dope if the creator mentioned where to get the usb set up... Let me know if yall can help.


Hi Chris. I suggest that you get a USB audio interface. Then plug your DIY surface into the audio inputs and outputs. You can use the headphones and microphone connections on your computer, but that limits you to 2x2. With a USB audio interface you can do 4x4 or 8x8. Maybe you can figure out a way to put everything in the same enclosure.

We did not "get" the USB set up for the shipping model. The USB features are part of the custom-designed main board, along with the DSP, analog signal conditioning, and other circuits. So, there isn't an off-the-shelf part that you can buy (to my knowledge) other than a generic USB audio interface.