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The push to finish the first 30 Soundplanes continues, with software development at home and hardware production at the shop. Here's a cool thing: the alder instrument bodies in line for hand sanding. I'm really happy with the way the variety of grain presentations gives each one a unique personality.

Each Soundplane needs a significant amount of hand shaping work after it's milled, to get rid of marks from the planer and to smooth down the sharp edges that the milling tools leave. We'll be at this stage for a few days---time to get some new choons into the iPod. You'd think that Madrona Labs would have better speakers... well yeah, something to consider after we ship.

After the initial sanding will come three coats of finish, the applying of which means a little careful work but mostly just setting up a reasonably temperature-controlled environment and then, that most universal of chores, waiting. Everything should be dry around the time the surfaces and FFC interconnects arrive.