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Hey guys, Aalto newcomer here.

I just found that I'm running into a limitation where the limit of 4 voices of polyphony is just not cutting it for some pads where I would play a chord consisting of at least 4 voices, then legato into the next 4 voices chord. Now, this requires 8 voices to do, and so I get this unnatural sudden cutting off.

I'm curious, since Aalto is such an 'out there' synth, 'out there' pads should be one of the sounds you guys like to make. I for one would like 8 voices polyphony, and I'm guessing some guys would like 10, or even 12, 14!

My computer can certainly handle it - bring it on! :) ;)

I hear you. I'll do this in the next update unless I run into some problem.

I second that, it would be very welcome!