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Trying to use the fxpansion vst>rtas wrapper in pro tools le and get no audio, have also tried using numerology in rewire mode but still no audio comes through in pro tools (other instruments do work from numerology in rewire though). Has anyone come up with a solution to this or had other experience - some rewire host that works for aalto in pt or other method of getting it happening? Would love to use it inside pro tools somehow!
As an aside I've emailed Randy about the possibility of rtas or getting the wrapper happening, and had the response that yeah definitely he'd like to get that going - but in the meantime wondering if there's a workaround (beside just recording the synth in another daw and then pulling that audio track over to pt).

I would also like to find out more about this...
Anybody had any luck with Aalto in PT?

I´ve been talking with Randy about proper PT integration as well.
He said that he´s working with the FXPansion guys on proper wrapping. Since i´m not the most patient guy i tried Reaper as Rewire host and it works without a hitch.

Plus there is the bonus of Reapers parameter modulation.
You can modulate any parameter in Aalto with either audio signals or LFOs. Makes for a very powerful modular thingy ITB :)

I will work with fxpansion to test the beta if possible, though I can't promise they will have any time to test it. If not, hopefully I can find some users willing to beta test with PT. This will take less of my time than installing ProTools here, and will not force me to violate my moral code by using an iLok. (just kidding) (kind of)

Meanwhile, glad to hear about the Reaper solution!

I use PT as my DAW (on v 10.3.2 right now), and love using Aalto. Best solution I've found is using Vienna Ensemble Pro (Vienna Instruments), which lets you run any AU plug-in in a hosting environment (Bidule also does this). VEP is used by a lot of composers who work with larger templates. It's very stable now and a good tool, and has the benefit of allowing you to stream setups on slave computers via GigE.

FYI, an update: with v1.3.2, PT 10.3.3, OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2, and FXpansion-wrapped, the VST version of Aalto works fine in Pro Tools… problem solved until PT 11 rolls around and everything is AAX if you upgrade.