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i see that the screen of Aalto are ridiculous small ,very small , why not do accept other sizes like 1236X835 or more bigest like other software like (for example ) u-he zebra does ?

thank ! great software synth !

"ridiculous small"? it's all relative. My biggest monitor is 1680x1050. So, I like small plugins.

I'm working on the resizing feature though.

i have 30" 2500X1600, what you mean you work on rezizing feature?

i only can do this on Logic Pro 9 plugins not AU plugins.

how do you do that on AU plugins and instruments ???

I mean, I have to implement the feature. I'll do this some time, maybe for 1.3.

haaa !!! ok sorry i was in the moon :-)

thanks ,thanks !

this would be fantastic feature of Aalto for my touch screen monitor , woouuu !!

nice !