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When I set the OSC Shape value fully left(square) or fully right (saw) and modulate this value with an LFO the animation on this dial just disappears and reappears only after manually changing the Shape value.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load Aalto with a default patch and enable animation.
  2. Set LFO level to 1 and connect it to Shape
  3. Set the modulation amount fully left (or right) and the Shape value fully left (or right) as well.

After one or two LFO cycles the Shape modulation animation just disappears and not appears back until you manually change the Shape value a little bit.

Can you reproduce this? Is this a bug?
I'm evaluating Aalto 1.26 under Win7 (Ableton Live 8.2.6)

Update: it seems the problem can be reproduced with every dial in Aalto set fully left or right and modulated by high level of LFO...

Sounds like a bug, I will look into it for version 1.3.

Thanks! It seems the animation disappears after the modulated value gets out of the range of the dial that is modulated.