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Hi. I love aalto. I bought it within minutes of playing the demo.

However, I'm overwhelmed by the deepness of the synth. I'm familiar with subtractive synthesis, so I'm not a complete novice when it comes to programming.

I was wondering, however, if there is a tutorial on aalto, or even a tutorial not specifically aimed at aalto, but perhaps uniquely suited towards its design and architecture.

Thanks for a great instrument.

Did you find the manual?

I did find the manual, thanks!!!! At first all I found on my install was the quickstart guide, and I was looking for a hyperlink.

Good! Enjoy. I need to do a better job of pointing people at it.

The quickstart guide was perfect - just enough to get going and make some noise.

I browsed through the manual - like the illustrations and the bits of text I read. It feels like a great deeper introduction.

So, where is the manual? Every link I've found was dead. Also, why is it so hard to find?

on the main Aalto page

"click on the cover screenshot"

Hah! Hidden in front of my face. Just thought it was a pretty picture.

I added another link.