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I am new here. Very happy with aAlto, just purchased.
It sounds fantastic.

one question : would it be possible to see the value of modulation amount? ie, if I want to scale precisely timbre on the pitch i can't do it precisely. I tryed to get the value from the default filter freq/peak freq... on the text editor but as it is default, I don't see it.

It would be great to be able to type values... very very useful...

thanks !


I understand. That would be a good feature and I will find a way to add it. It's the broken keyboard handling in some hosts that makes it a pain.

If you have a host like Logic that offers a "generic view", you can view the plugin parameters including modulation amounts in that view, and copy/paste values.

I will try it in samplitude.
Can't wait for the update !

yes, as a new owner of aalto, this is the first thing that annoyed me and would really like to be implemented, just seeing the number when turning the mod amount knob would be enough, so youd know what the original amount is when you start and see where you went. (the GUI editor inside logic sucks if there are too many parameters, you just get lost.)


guess this is something everybody would prolly like too: a second LFO..yes, being restricted and minimal can keep things great, but c'mon, it's 2012 :)

...a few controls to the reverb wouldnt hurt either (for example: decay, diffusion + high-cut, low-cut)

OK, I'll see what I can do about this for the update.

coolness...aalto is a great synth btw, great character, very nice work man.