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Hi all,

I'm excited to announce that we'll be demonstrating the Soundplane at Decibel Festival here in Seattle next week, Wednesday September 28 through Friday September 30. I'm attaching the press release with place and times below. If you've been following our odyssey, and you're in the area, by all means come meet us and get your hands on a Soundplane!

The new Soundplane instrument from Madrona Labs, three years in the making, will be demonstrated live at this year's Decibel Festival in Seattle.  The Soundplane gives performers intimate control over computer-made sounds.  The Soundplane detects a wide range of pressure on its hardwood surface, from a light tickle to very firm pressure, and sends that information over a USB connection. It can be configured as either a 150-note keyboard with x, y and pressure sensing on each key, or as one continuous pressure-sensing surface.

The Soundplane goes beyond the capabilities of any MIDI keyboard.  It transmits x, y and pressure data for every key continuously at 12 bits of resolution and about 1000 samples per second, letting players move beyond the ADSR envelope model of synthesis and articulate each note individually, as on an acoustic instrument.

At Decibel 2011, festival goers will be able to spend quality time with a Soundplane prototype in an ongoing, hands-on demo.  The demonstrations will be in the Fred Wildlife Refuge, at 127 E. Boylston, from noon to 5 pm, Wednesday September 28 through Friday September 30.   Pricing and availability for the Soundplane will be announced during the festival.

fantastic news! time to start saving so i can pair a soundplane with my monomes. won't be able to make the show as i'm in the uk - please post some nice videos...good luck for the festival

Glad that it's not strict to the piano resolution though I'll probably be waiting for a smaller soundplane. I'm sure this will be a great success, Randy. : )

Great News !

Congratulations! For those of us in the UK and elsewhere can i echo the request for videos and pictures etc. Good luck.

Yup, seems christmas is coming early this year!

From Norway here though, so a bit of a distance away from Seatle. So I'm repeating that request for some vids from the event. Also, please give a heads-up here or elswhere on the site when you are taking preorders :)

I'm definitely going to be more forthcoming with pictures and videos now that there's something worth looking at. Even got myself a new camera. :-) I'll shoot lots at the festival.

hi randy. is it possible to divide the soundplane into an "x" nuber of zones/areas?

It's all done in software, so, yes.